Service Management Software

With Microsoft Dynamics 365


Encouraging your company to work more effectively. Within the Service Management industry, efficiency is vital. Profitability means that projects and services must be estimated correctly, completed on time and meet the customers' requirements. These needs coupled with the requisite for the system to be utilised quickly and easily by all within the company has always proved difficult to deploy. But now Microsoft Dynamics 365 has made this previously difficult process simple.

Why do UK businesses pick this solution?

  • It has a high degree of customisation
  • Competitively priced and modular-based
  • Easily adapted to vertical industry requirements
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 grows with your company
  • Visibility into what's urgent and prioritisation
  • Expect smooth integration with other Microsoft products
  • See an increase in productivity and simplified business processes
  • A rapid installation process, so be up and running within a month
  • Allows businesses to speed up the decision-making process
  • Respond more rapidly to new market opportunities


Key benefits of the software

Create a productive work environment

Through clear visibility and tighter control over parts inventories, workloads, costs and prioritisation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will enhance your operational efficiency.

Enhanced service order management

Streamline the generation dispatch, completion, and invoicing of service orders, and track parts consumption with access to up-to-date information about contract agreements, pricing, task prioritisation, and the skills and workloads of service technicians.

Management of all contracts

Be able to set up and track warranties, service level agreements (SLA's), contractual service periods, or response times to automate related service orders, capture data on contract fulfilment and history, and help ensure profitable quotes and agreements.

Increasing customer loyalty

Enabling your staff with the tools needed to deliver a proactive service, bearing in mind customer histories and preferences within dispatch decisions and implementing customer-specific pricing.


Interested in Service Management for Dynamics 365?

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