Automotive & Dealer Management Systems

With Dynamics 365


Integrate with various data sources, track entire sales cycles, and keep complete maintenance histories of each vehicle.

Ideal for:

  • Vehicle importers
  • Dealers
  • Spare parts shop owners
  • Workshops
  • Car rentals



  • Applicable to all vehicle types
  • Financial Management
  • Vehicle Trade Management
  • Vehicle Service Management
  • Spare Part Management
  • Register vehicle stock
  • Includes requests, planning, orders, transportation
  • Inventory Management


Integrate with CRM

Integrate your Dealer Management Solution with CRM to manage quotes, contracts, prices, discounts, and approvals while tracking key customer information such as services, lifecycle, profiling, communication history, follow-ups and interactions.


Out-of-the-box Financial Functionalities of ERP

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have financial and accounting facilities readily available to seamlessly integrate with the DMS solution and the CRM side of the business. 

Take your automotive and DMS business to the next level, unifying processes and taking control of your business.


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