Unrivalled UK Based
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Support


We at Tres Tria offer support for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Whether you are a new customer or an existing Dynamics Business Central, or NAV user looking to move your support to a new partner. Our support contract is unlike any other and is completely unique to Tres Tria. It includes multiple elements that were previously outside the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and NAV support contract. Examples of these are:

> Bespoke changes to the system
> Report writing
> Over the phone training
> Reconciliation services
> Remote assistance
> Outsourced Super User

We let you decide on the amount of support that you want, our unique support offering allows you to effectively pre-pay for the level of service that you require - at a discounted rate, in what we like to call 'Support Minutes'.

What it means to you...

We have a dedicated team of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central experts ready to help you out at all times. Providing you with exclusive levels of service, so expect quick response times and a value proposition that is incomparable with any other support providers. At Tres Tria, it is no longer a necessity to perform a chargeable assessment of the development of your system, to see where it can be supported, meaning that if there are unsupportable changes made by a previous re-seller, we can alter the code, potentially without additional cost.

How it works...

Our support is based on a 'minutes' scheme; when one of our experts performs a task relating to your system, that time used will be recorded in minutes. Should you be a light user of support, unused minutes will be utilised for other tasks such as new reports or form/page tweaks. If this wasn't enough, you can say goodbye to a delayed sales order process requiring you to sign sales orders for minimum charge fees, and welcome getting the changes that you want, made in a timely manner and of course at a reduced cost.