Microsoft Power Virtual Agents


Quickly and easily configure and deploy intelligent chatbots with no coding to work for you and deliver a better service whilst saving time and money.

Power Virtual Agents gives users the ability to create adaptable AI chatbots, which can be used for both employee and customer benefit. Chatbots can solve common internal and external problems primarily through their ability to automatically respond and deal with queries or issues without the need for human intervention.

As a result, time is freed up for employees to work on more complex and high-value tasks whilst the agent performs the more monotonous and manual tasks at an efficient rate.


Easy to Build

Power Virtual Agents are really easy to build customise and develop.

Transform Customer Service

AI-Driven Virtual Bots will help deliver the best Customer Service levels.


Power Virtual Agents easily integrate with the Microsoft Power Platform.



Licence Description Cost
Power Virtual Agents Run intelligent chatbots across websites and other channels. Only pay for two-way engagement between users and your chatbots, with sessions serving each end-to-end interaction. £754.10 per month for 2,000 sessions
Power Virtual Agents Sessions add-on Add additional sessions to your Power Virtual Agents plan. Requires a Power Virtual Agents license. £339.30 per month for 1,000 sessions

For information on PowerPlatform pricing, please see our Licensing and Pricing guide.


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