Tailored Extensions

Create or find the perfect extension for you. Helping your business run smoother. Expanding functionality.

With a range of specialist developers on hand, we are able to write you a bespoke add-on to enhance your Microsoft Dynamics system.


Here at Tres Tria, we have Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 specialist developers on hand at all times who are continuously working on and developing new extensions for Microsoft Dynamics. As well as continuously working on all our own projects and developing new programmes to run alongside the software, we are happy to write you a completely bespoke extension to add to your current system. We currently have a growing list of our own developed solutions available and we also work with a range of specialist partners who can also offer specific industry-based solutions.

Our Extensions


Partnered Solutions


As you can expect, each solution is completely unique so it is difficult to quote a set price, it all depends on the amount of time that needs to be spent creating your solution. If you are interested in one of the solutions provided by our partners or our own solutions or would like your bespoke add-on created for your software, we can organise a consultant to set up a meeting with you to discuss your needs.

The Process


In order for us to understand exactly what it is you need, and the best solution that will suit your business goals, we will organise for one of our consultants to meet with you and discuss your requirements. Each solution is unique, so this initial meeting will allow us to assess and discuss exactly what it is you need and permit us to make certain suggestions that we think will advance your system. It is at this stage that we would identify and agree on specific requirements, set objectives and build a plan. 


Once we have agreed on a plan of action, the next step is to hand the project over to our developers. They take into account everything that was discussed in the initial meeting, and they will begin to create a design for your solution.


This is where the real work begins for us; your project is now safely in the hands of our skilled developers by this point, who begin moulding and coding your solution. Once the solution is finished we will run it through rigorous test sessions; this will allow us to identify any issues and we can assess whether it is up to standard or needs more work.


Once the solution has passed all of our tests, we will then deploy it onto your system where we will begin performance testing and user training. We will then take you through the solution and show you how it works, demonstrating each aspect and guiding you through step-by-step. This can be done either on-site or through remote support access where we can remotely log onto your system, and the meeting would take place over the phone.

Go Live

By now we hope that you are completely happy with the solution and it can go live into your system! There is the opportunity for us to teach further staff members and offer continual support for the solution which can be discussed at a later stage.


If you're interested in any tailored solutions or would like an idea of the ones we already have ready to go, give us a call or pop us an e-mail using the button below!