Microsoft NAV March Cumulative Update: GDPR

Posted on 13 March 2018 at 11:11 UK time

Microsoft NAV March Cumulative Update: GDPR

It has been released that the new March update for NAV will include GDPR ‘tools’ to help your system be compliant with the GDPR law. The main change is a new table field property. This enables fields with personal data to be labelled as such in the NAV field definition. There will be a way to export these fields to Excel for data discovery purposes. There will also be a way to export specific personal details using a config package; although it is unclear whether there will be config packages included for this, or whether partners will need to create them.

There is nothing specific for erasing of data, modification, or restriction of data use. The only suggestion here is to use the new field property to define which data is affected and use NAV, as is, to delete and modify.

Overall, it is our opinion that the tool might be useful for a company that simply wants to say that their NAV is GDPR compliant. Additionally, there is a suggestion that more will be added in subsequent releases, but nothing specific as yet and, furthermore, customers will also need to be on NAV 2015 or above in order to upgrade to the latest CU.

In comparison, Tres Tria have created our own tailored GDPR tool called Astral GDPR that is much more encompassing than this update. Firstly, our add-on can be added to any version of NAV and is not limited to the 2015 version, and allows you to restrict or erase data using a specific function that allows you to encrypt personal data, making you compliant with laws four and five.

For more information on our solution why not visit our Astral GDPR page; for further info, feel free to contact us using the contact form in the ‘Contact Us’ section.