Functionalities Around the Latest BC Release - April 2019

Posted on 03 September 2019 at 12:26 UK time

Functionalities Around the Latest BC Release - April 2019

Powerful new features for business users

“We are pushing productivity to the next level by delivering a smooth and fresh experience to all customers of Business Central — those using the web interface in the browser or the modern Windows App for desktop. Combining modern trends around web-based applications and the complex requirements of a Business Central customer resulted in several improvements addressing productivity of a busy professional.
Among those many changes, we have enabled even more keyboard-centric scenarios around the important features of the product, keeping in mind speed of data entry and analysis, such as quick entry usage and personalization, sorting lists using the keyboard, and navigating around data fields and groups. We have introduced several improvements to features related to the customer context, such as a contextual work date indicator. We have also added options enabling advanced users to be even more productive - such as the focus mode, improved search, and the new option of inspecting the table data behind a page (formerly About This Page). We have also addressed feedback related to filters in Excel export (adding an easy Open in Excel option), common auto-save experience (which includes a new autosave indicator), and modern interface elements, such as the refreshed action bar and all-product navigation.
Additionally, Business Central becomes more intuitive thanks to an advanced personalization experience and better discoverability of new features — that includes refreshed action menus and groups across the product but also the ability to personalize those to suit the user's preference.” 

- Microsoft

Enhancements include:

  • Application Enhancements
  • Productivity Enhancements for Business Users
  • Self Help & Support
  • Productivity Enhancements for Administrators
  • Powerful Features for Developers
  • Performance Improvements
  • Server Improvements


Most notable feature: Base Application as an App

Microsoft is making investments in the platform to make it easier for ISV's to get into the cloud. They will split the big application that is out today into a system app and an app on top of that as an extension, compiled in AL using Visual Studio Code.

 For more detailed information, have a look at the PDF: