Food & Beverage Management Software
With Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Having a robust, end to end business management solution that allows transparency into all aspects of your business ranging from production & quality management to transportation, promotion and sales is exactly what Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables. This solution is completely modifiable and scalable which delivers new levels of customer and partner value through faster, more efficient implementation, therefore fulfilling your company’s needs.

Why do UK businesses pick this solution?

  • It has a high degree of customisation
  • Competitively priced and modular based
  • Easily adapted to vertical industry requirements
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV grows with your company
  • Visibility into whats urgent and prioritisation
  • Expect smooth integration with other Microsoft products
  • See an increase in productivity and simplified business processes
  • A rapid installation process, so be up and running within a month
  • Visibility into whats urgent and prioritisation
  • Allows businesses to speed up the decision making process
  • Respond more rapidly to new market opportunities


Key benefits of the software

Safety, Quality & Compliance

The high product standards and processes your customers & regulators demand from your company

Inventory Visibility

To have important information you require in order to balance supply and demand and increase production when necessary.

Customer Satisfaction & Profitability

The crucial combination of keeping your customers happy whilst maintaining profitability.


We take into consideration

  • Product & Quality - Beverage manufacturing and quality management
  • Finance & Distribution - Tax management, discount management and transportation
  • Safety Standards - Ensure compliance with all quality and safety standards
  • Effective Management - Effectively manage promotions and discounts
  • Optimisation - Optimise production planning and inventory management.