Automotive Management Software
With Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Elva DMS is a flexible and easy to use business solution for the automotive industry, covering a wide range of functionalities, such as: vehicle service management; vehicle trade; spare parts; sales and inventory management. Elva DMS is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Why do UK businesses pick this solution?

  • It has a high degree of customisation
  • Competitively priced and modular based
  • Easily adapted to vertical industry requirements
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV grows with your company
  • Visibility into whats urgent and prioritisation.
  • Expect smooth integration with other Microsoft poducts.
  • See an increase in productivity and simplified business processes.
  • A rapid installation process, so be up and running within a month
  • Visibility into whats urgent and prioritisation
  • Allows businesses to speed up the decision making process
  • Respond more rapidly to new market opportunities


Vehicle Trade Module

The Vehicle Trade Module is developed to deliver the entire sales process including, offers, orders, advance payment invoices, security deposit invoices, product invoices as well as printouts of purchase agreements and car specifications, pre sale service orders and other documents.


Main Benefits

  • Allows to buy, store and sell new and used cars
  • Provides complete vehicle supply chain management
  • Provides tight integration with service, spare part and finance departments
  • Provides full car cost management including PDI, taxes, transportation charges etc.
  • Vehicle assembly
  • Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) initiation by sales person


Spare Parts Module

The Spare Part Trade Module is developed to help search through the entire range of available spare parts and to provide a necessary spare part or its replacement to the client. The system automatically offers the correct part number, as well as offering alternatives or groups of product. It is also possible to entirely increase prices by product or product group to add certain price increases.


Main Benefits

  • Ability to buy, store and sell spare parts
  • Ensures complete supply chain management
  • Provides integration with service management
  • Provides integration with manufacturers online spare parts catalogues.